Daedalus's STAR2 vacuum coating machine is based on Daedalus’s PVD technology for hard coatings. It’s specialized for small-scale OEM production (Cycle time: 1-3 hours) and R/D. Applicable products contain small-scale moulds, piercing rods (heads), special tools, etc. The system can meet the advantages of small amount, rapid production in addition to education, research, development and other applications.

Daedalus STAR2 small production or R/D system SPECIFICATION
Volume : 200 L
Carrousel : ψ275 X 300 mm
Heater : 10KW
Vacuum system : Leybold (Optional)
Arc sources : 2 sets (Optional)
Control system : Industrial computer + PLC
Cycle time : 3 hrs
Magnetron sputtering : 4”sputtering gun (Optional)

Range of Application :

  • Anti-abrasion demand
  • Moulding
  • Decorated film coating
  • Cutting tools
  • Optical application

Coating Type :

  • TiN, TiCrN and TiCN series
  • CrN and CrCN
  • TiAlN and AlTiN
  • TiSiN
  • DLC