Daedalus's STAR6 vacuum coating machine is based on Daedalus’s PVD technology for hard coatings. It’s specialized for standardized industrial production (Cycle time: 2.5-4 hours). Applicable products contain various moulds, milling cutters, and special tools, etc. The system can meet the advantages of mass production and rapid delivery

Daedalus STAR6 Large scale production coater

Volume: 800 L
Carrousel: ψ500 X 800 mm
Heater: 20KW
Vacuum system: Leybold (Optional)
Arc sources: 6 sets
Control system: Industrial computer + PLC
Cycle time: 4-5 hrs
Magnetron sputtering: Rectangular sputtering gun (Optional)

Range of Application :

  • Anti-abrasion demand
  • Moulding
  • Decorated film coating
  • Cutting tools
  • Optical application

Coating Type :

  • TiN, TiCrN and TiCN
  • CrN and CrCN
  • TiAlN and AlTiN
  • TiSiN
  • DLC